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Forest massif

At the heart of the Park, the forest massif alone covers 40% of the land surface. On this vast clay plateau with grindstones, dense forests and a few clearings testify of an intense human activity and the leading role played by the forest in the past. At 288 meters high, this is where the highest top of the Park and of the Marne area too culminates: the Mount Sinaï.

With countless legends and mysteries, the forest shelters a variety of species including a few rarities, to the delight of nature lovers. It is a popular destination for practising sports and leisure activities, while wandering, let this exceptional green oasis and its unexpected treasure win you over!

Faux de Verzy ©PNRMR

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Tardenois area

Fields, vines and woods entangle in the Tardenois area of the Ardre Valley. The river winds between plateaus and hills up to Fismes where it flows into Vesle River.

The Middle-Ages has left its marks with the Roman churches which dot the region. They look over the villages built at the bottom of slopes or on hillsides. This region is strongly marked by the battles of the Great War as can be seen by the presence of many military cemeteries. The natural regional Park commemorates this world conflict until 2018, through an arts residence called « Par les communes » which sets in interactive shows, with the Company « Diable à 4 pattes ».

Tardenois area ©PNRMR

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Slopes of Montagne de Reims

Located at the North and East of the Park, from Vrigny to Trépail via Sermiers and Verzy, the area of the slopes of Montagne de Reims is characterized by its reliefs with an obvious landscaping value. As a barrier dominating the plain of chalky Champagne, Ile-de-France slope is higher here (180 meters of drop) and rather straight-lined. The vineyard and villages are located in the hillsides and their cliffs, offering magnificent viewpoints all along the Route touristique du Champagne.

Verzenay and its mill ©PNRMR

Sermiers ©PNRMR

Cirque de Chamery ©PNRMR

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Marne Valley

Located at the South of the Park, the Marne Valley owes its name to the river crossing it. The Marne River borders the South of the Park from east to west, partly close to the lateral canal.

The Marne River has shaped the landscape to form a valley dominated by the forest. While the vines of the right bank cascade down to the Marne River and its canal, to the east, the great cultures of the plain of Champagne gradually take over the vines. The villages aligned on flat surfaces offer breathtaking viewpoints like in Mutigny, Hautvillers or Châtillon-sur-Marne, underlined by the Route touristique du Champagne.

La Marne ©PNRMR

Châtillon-sur-Marne ©PNRMR

Cumières ©PNRMR

1 site listed at UNESCO’s World Heritage !
Within the area of Champagne making, the property inscribed on the List of UNESCO’s World heritage is composed of 3 flagship sites: avenue de Champagne in Epernay, Saint-Nicaise hill in Reims and the wine slopes from Cumières to Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. Located at the South of the Park, these slopes are among the oldest of the Champagne vineyard. They compose the historic and symbolic cradle of Champagne wine.
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